Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Our great City of Fairfax has come to a cross roads as a result of some unexpected challenges, leaving us with a vacancy in the office of Mayor that will be filled by a special election on February 7th of 2017.

When I decided to run for City Council in 2010, I knew from decades of experience on boards, commissions, and committees and in local service clubs what our community values and what I value.

In giving a great deal of thought as to how I can best serve this community during these times, I believe that the next avenue of service for me is in the office of Mayor.  As a result, today I’m announcing my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Fairfax and I ask for your support in this journey.

Navigating our way through these unique times will take a steady and experienced hand.  Leading the City of Fairfax takes a focused, hardworking leader who understands not only where we have been, but more importantly, where we need to go in the future.  I believe that I have the qualifications and experience.

We are facing an unprecedented number of redevelopment projects that will impact the City for the next 50 years.  In considering the options placed before the City Council, it’s imperative to give thoughtful consideration as to how our decisions will impact the long term viability of our community. We must balance vision, livability, innovation and current trends in urban planning with the fiscal, technical and property considerations that are very real parameters.  My careful deliberations come from a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy that aims to avoid costly and unforeseen consequences to proposals that can be very appealing on their face.

As I move forward in collecting petition signatures and filing my paperwork for the upcoming special election, I look forward to discussing the important issues facing our community such as high-density redevelopment, the increasing tax rate, the overall cost to live in the city, and traffic congestion. 

During the next several months, I hope you will reach out to me with questions, concerns and suggestions about the priorities facing the City of Fairfax.  I feel confident that with hard work and an engaged community, we can move the City forward in a positive and prosperous direction.  I ask for your support in this special election as I commit to a new level of community service as your Mayor.








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